A Long-Distance Relationship. Can It Work?

Long-distance relationships may be difficult to manage. When you cannot see your partner, the mind starts to create doubts which are caused by our past traumas. So, for example, if your boyfriend cheated you in a past relationship, you will be expecting yet another cheater.

Calm down! No worries! You can get rid of negative thinking and experience holding you back using my 5 simple steps:

1)Extra Proofs of Love. When you cannot be physical together, you have to avoid the emotional distance that may occur. This means you need to give your partner even more proofs of love. Being always in a good mood for him, saying sweet thing, being patient if he cannot chat with you or does not respond you messages. Well he may have something to do? Like work for example??? So don’t bother him and yourself with bad thoughts.

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2) Power of Sharing. Make sure that you share the details of your daily life. Especially who you saw or will see. It will help you to be more real in each others’ daily lives and avoid jealousy, which is the biggest problem in long-distance relationships.

3) No Text Arguments. If you had an argument, don’t text him hundreds of messages. Better call and talk!

4) Sexy. This works only when you are already a couple! Not just dating online. Your sex life may become an ex sex life. Try to look sexy for him, play with his mind calling erotic fantasies about you.

5) Long-distance “Date”. Even you’re not physically together, you still can have a date. Get on Skype and watch movie together or cook the same dish. You can even eat it together and fall asleep together see each other on Skype.

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