Questions To Ask Before Relocating For New Love

You’ve met The ONE and now think about relocating. But before you say goodbye to your life in Hong Kong, and move across the world for a man of your dreams, be sure to sort these questions out. Read: How To Make Long-Distance Relationship Work

1. Will it last forever? There’s a big difference between going to Paris for three months holiday and moving to small town in the US permanently. Be honest and wise about your relationship can handle. He does not commit to support you forvere. What will you do if relationship does not work?

2. What will I do there? Just because he has a high-paying job it doesn’t mean that you’re going to get everything and do nothing. Secure yourself before moving abroad and make some savings. Think of what you can do there. Start business? Find some fun job?

3. What kind of people are there? When you move to a new place, make sure you know local culture and social norms. Try to make friends, so you will not feel so lonely while he is making money for the family.

4. Do we have a plan B? Not all relationships work. What if yours doesn’t? What if your partner wants a divorce? What if you still have no job and no friends? Think about the worst case scenarios and how you will deal with them.

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