10 First Date Tips For Asian Men

Eye contact is everything! Strong eye contact is a must for successful date. This shows respect for and the true interest in the girl you are talking to. However, never ogle at her. It may look like you are only interested in her physical appearance. Be a good listener. Most of the gilrs like talking. So no be prepared to listen to her. Listening shows your genuine interest and ability to compromise. Keep your date exited. Listen carefully to what she says and ask questions. Never interrupt her.   Pay the bill. This is a well-known rule, guys should pay for at least the first date. Be punctual. Being late for a date is not a good start for a relationship.  Somake sure you arrive early or at least on time. Being late shows poor organization skills and a disrespect for your date.

Complement her. Always compliment your date, if she has make an effort to look nice for you. 
No Smoking,unless she does. 
Respectable job. Women love ambitios men. If you have a good job, tell her about this. If not, try to look like you have some plans to work for yourself or go to study. Tell her some idea of your future plans because women will ask questions about your prospects.
Dress well. Leave you shabby clothes at home. Dressing poorly will make you look like a lazy person who does not care about himself. Also it’s disrespectful, if don’t want to make an effort to look nice for her. 
Hygiene. Take shower, shave, put some parfume. Make sure you smell good and fresh. Women appreciate it.
Good manners. A woman likes being treated like a lady.So no swear words or the rudenes. Learn to walk, sit and eat like a gentleman. Hold a door open for your date, let her go first and help her with her seat.