The Do’s And Don’ts Of Approaching Women in Hong Kong

Getting the first date

Look at her and try to establish an eye contact, smile. If she smiles back, say “Hi” and introduce yourself. It’s fine if you feel nervous. Be brave and get her number. If you manage to do this, don’t wait and call her same evening to ask her for a date.

The first date

Single women in Hong Kong still believe in old-fashioned romance. So be a gentleman. Open doors for her, be polite and well-mannered. It will defenatelly impress her! 

So, where do you go? Find a decent place in convenient location for both of you. Check if she is a vegetarian. If she is, offer her to dine in her favourite restaurant. The place must be quiet and relaxing.

Remember to dress up and put some cologne. Be a good listener. Pay attention to little details about her, and you will be surprise how much you can learn about her 

Next dates…

Remember to call her next day. Don’t make her wait. If you both like each other there is no point in waiting.

Don’t be afraid to hold honest conversations and show your weakness. She will appreciate it and will open up to you in return. This is a first step to building relationship.

If you like her and you start actual dating, let her know that you are serious about her and won’t cheat.