An Embarassing Situation On A First Date

Everyone makes mistakes and so do you. Rather than bemoaning your mistakes, recover from them with self-respect. Here are the few rules you may follow:

  1. Pretend nothing happened. If your accident was not noticeable (e.g droped a piece of food), move on and don't draw attention.
  2. If you are sure everyone has noticed it, it’s best to make a joke of the situation. It will help ease the tension of the moment.
  3. Say "I am sorry". If you did a verbal mistake such as saying something inappropriate, apologize and change the subject.
  4. The following are some examples other situations you may meet:

Disaster Solution
Your pants split. Tie your jacket or sweater around your waist; If you don’t have one, just buy or borrow it. 
You forgot your wallet Apologize to your date and ask her out to the better place and pay the bill in full.
You get sick. You got sick after a meal. Tell your date you’re not feeling well and need a few minutes. Go to the restroom and try to fix your problems. Ask restaurant staff to give you a pill. If you  If you really don’t think you’re going to make it, ask your date for help. Passing out in a bathroom willmake it even worse.
You ruined her dress.  Spilling wine on her dress takes much more than an apology or joke to fix. In this case, apologize  and offer to buy a new dress or pay the dry cleaning bill.
You run into an angry ex. Stay calm and let your ex be the only person in the room who makes a fool of him- or herself.
Your car breaks down. Make the best of the situation. Call a tow truck and see if the tow truck can drop you off at the restaurant on the way, take a cab home after the meal and deal with your car tomorrow.