How To Know If The Girl Likes You?

You thought she was interested but she rejected you? You just did not know how to read her signals. Use our these awesome 5 hints to figure out if she  wants you to ask her out:

  1. You see here everywhere

You suddenly meet in the hallway? Lift? Coffee shop. She is just everywhere you go. It means she wants you to notice her and talk to her. The problem is that men are so simple. They just don't get this move. So don't loose your chance. Go and talk to her!

  1. Body language

Here is a set of non-verbal signals that let you understand she is flirting with you.
• her leg, foot or shoulders are pointed into your direction.
• She touches you.
• She plays with her hair or jewerly.
• She mirrors your body movements
• She smiles and looks “shy” when you look at her.

3. She’s always there for you

She quickly answers your calls? Ready to meet you at any time and any where? If she is busy, she will likely say, “Tonight I’m busy, but tomorrow … “? It means she is 100%  into you.

4. She’s Wants To Know Everything About You

She will ask you about your tastes, friends, interests, ideas, family and so on. She will ry to find similar hobbies or ideas in order to relate to you. So when you here: “Oh, you like dancing, too?” It means she is really interested in you.

5. She’s Jealous Of Other Women You Talk To

If she is fuming when you are talking with or about other women, you can be sure she has a crash on you!

These are the most obvious signals that she is into you. Pay more attention to her attitude towards you and you will quickly find an answer.