Single In Hong Kong: Subconscious and Love

Hong Kong women easily fall in love. Especially if they are single and over 35. Their thoughts are all into the object of passion. Especially when the romantic relationship is new, we think of the next meeting with that particular person. And naturally, we desire to make our loved one delighted: make him a tasty, home-cooked dinner or give a gift.

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On the other hand it is so easy to get that person prioritized and forget about own needs. But remember, the most important person in a relationship is actually the one you see in the mirror. Right, it’s YOU.

After 35, we cannot afford falling in love like teenagers and get heart-broken because of every man who did not love us back. So we have to understand that we are able to control only our personal feelings, emotions and actions. Searching for Mr. Right before understanding your identiity and what you want is will result in misunderstandings and despair. Furthermore, you should be your own proprity and your own guardian, as your lover may not undoubtedly do this to suit your needs.

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If you can’t stand for your desires and needs, you could possibly find that your partner regularly disregards to satisfy your needs and emotions. What really should be a healthy growing connection in a couple risk turning into miserableness for both of you. How to determine what you need, are you in a good emotionally state and ready to be in the serious relationship? First, let’s see how the human brain operates, and take a realistic look at your emotional background-with regards to how your past relationships have formed your identiity and what you expect from a partner.
For hundreds of years, the human race achieved many things. We invented planes, walking on the Moon, invent life-saving drugs. Finding a lifepartner, is much easier. Correct?
The key reason why people made it possible to accomplish what they did is because they never give up: people will never give up on relying on their own skills. If you are a single woman over 40 in Hong Kong it does not mean everything is lost. If you’re an individual who constantly says that you’ll never meet a love of your life, or if you’re in a relationship which makes you unhappy, but you don’t quit because you believe you will never attract a better match, you’re programming yourself to a failure.

A lot of single women over 35 have this negative thinking pattern and like to say ” There is no good man left”, “He will never look at me” and so on. It’s really damaging thinking, you have to stop that inner debate. The more positive you are and genuinely tell yourself ” I’m a beautiful lady”, “I’m a brilliant woman”, “I’m truly interesting to be with”, you’ll start to feel like this and attract better people. You become what you believe you are. Your energy does emit from you and people feel it; and can it pick up.

Use more body language. Subconsciously you notice others gesture. Scientists believe that our communication is more gestural than verbal. Asian women can be especially shy. I could see a lot of beautiful Chinese girls standing in the corner, arms crossed, making no eye contact. This body signals shows insecurity. The truth is, many people count on their instincts to pick the partner and get an idea of your personality. Lack of body language or wrong body laguage can give a very negative idea of you.

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Self-confidence is appealing . Men and women want to know that their partner carries a constructive self-respect. Everybody has their self-uncertainty and wish the match to help bringing up their hurt feelings, nevertheless typically people alike attract each other, and confident men and women want to date confident partners. Straight straight and smiling, making eye contact are body language signals of being friendly, self-confident and open.

Even if you don’t feel confident, using a body language of confidence can help you automatically start feeling more self-confident. Which is very good for you.

What’s important, is to work on those harmful thinging patterns that cause you feeling unconfident and hold you back from entering the relationship of your dreams. Find more interesting activities and hobbies, improve your health and career, go for holiday. It will help to get rid of unhealthy believes and thinking patterns.
The very first thing you can do to improve your love life today is to start loving yourself without condition. And you can do it whether you’re in a relationship or not; whether you are old or young. Loving yourself will definitely bring you rewards in the future.