What Is Love And How To Enjoy It?

People ask me, what is love? How can I stop loving him or her? Or how to make him or her love me?
The love is often be puzzling and hard to recognize feeling. Today you are in love, but tomorrow, you are wondering if was love at all. Love is changeable, so enjoy every moment of love.

The feeling of love is enchanting and intriguing, but it can hurt as well. It could not be turned off any time you wish! Love is a feeling that people fall into, and sometimes have difficulties to find the way out. In this case, the most effective way to get over hurtful love feeling is to look at it from a third person’s perspective and analyse your previous relationship. 

Thinking too much about love can be distructive. Love is requires actions not just thinking. Here are some tips on how to experience and enjoy love!
Take it easy and slow down. True love is not a matter of seconds. You can only love a person that you really know. It takes time to learn about his/her personality, habits, views. Don’t consider every man or woman that you meet as your potential spouse. If you had a short-term relationship and your partner broke up with you, there is nothing to be sad about. You did not really know each other. It was not a true love, it was just your ego hurt

Enjoying every moment of relationship. When you think about love and marriage all the time, you don’t enjoy your relationship and push pressure on your partner. Just enjoy a company of each other, enjoy simple happiness, a kiss, a hug. Enjoyment will make you 10 steps closer to marriage then annoying your new boyfriend with marriage questions.

Be clear about relationships. When you enter into the relationship be sure you agreed on rules. If he/she does not want an exclusive relationship? Will you accept it? He has a wife and just seeking for a lover. Will you accept it? Don’t enter into the relationship that won’t bring you any good. Make right choices.