What is the Best Age to Get Married?

Many young women in Hong Kong wonder when is not too late to get married and what’s the best age to start building a family. “Leftover women” issue in Hong Kong is welll-known, so girls rush into marriage and end up divorced with the broken hearts. My practise shows that people of any age can find a spouse if they do things properly.

So you can get married in any age, but the most imprtant is to know if you are really ready for marriage.

Are you financially stable?

Marriage is a commitment not only emotional but also of financial. You can’t ask your family to give you and your husband pocket money to buy a Coke. Do you earn enough to live comfortable life together?

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Are both of you psychologically mature?

The typical age of marriage in Hong Kong will not influence your psychological maturity. You can be 50 and still party late and have a lot of fun. But to live a happy family life you need to consider interests of your partner and be emotionally mature.

Can you take care of yourslef in everyday life?
Your mummy will not clean the mess in your flat and won’t cook for you two. Once you’re married, you have to deal with your day to day needs in a couple. Are you ready for that? Is your loved one ready as well?

Are you ready to compromise ?

Love to go out to LKF with girlfriends? Love wearing sexy clothes. Are you ready to give it up if he asks? How about dining and sleeping habits? A marriage seems sweet on the surface, but in real world, marriage is about love and natural compromise, which comes from your heart and genuinely makes you happy. 

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[optinlocker]What about his shortcomings?

Nobody is perfect perfect. Can you handle the bad side of him like snoring, picking his nose or leaves the toilet unflushed? When you have a baby, are you ready to get up in the middle of the night to take care of it? These are just a small part of the different shortcomings you should accpect. 

Now think about all those questions and ask yourself truthfully. Is this the right TIME to get married for you? Or maybe you are not redy yet? Maybe marriage is not for you?[/optinlocker]