How to Know If I Am in Love?

Falling in love is a marvellous and insane experience which’s worth going through at least ones in a life time. When you are in love, the perception of the world changes in a second. However the most important question you ask yourself is “Am I really in love?”

You want to know if you are in love and it’s not just temporary attraction. All people have their own ideas of love and own experiences of love different from others. A lot of Asian women believe in a love at first sight, while most of the Westerners believe the best form of love is one where two people start as friends, build understanding and then fall in love step by step.

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When you are in love with someone, and this feeling is unexplainable and complicated, read these signs to find out if you are really in love. So, how to know if you are in love?

Stomach issues. If you experience falling in love at first sight, you can experience stomach problems. You want to throw up and experiencing diarrhea at the same time. You don’t feel comfortable in general. Amazingly, nobody can tell why this takes place! But it just happens. Scientists think that the nervousness results in the release of adrenaline and this can be a reason.

Unusual happiness. Do you find yourself smiling without a reason, jumping around, teasing your loved one and giving him silly pet names? You are 100% in love. Helen Fisher, anthropologist from Rutgers University, says that falling in love increases the levels of dopamine, a pleasure chemical, in the brain That is why you feel more enthusiastic, full of energy and lively. The effect of falling in love is similar to the effect of cocaine. You cannot sleep and you are over energetic.

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You think of him 24/7. When you’re in love, you can only think about your lover. You think of him sexually way The study says that young couples in love have low levels of serotonin, what increases the desire to have sex.

You get upset quickly. If this is the case. It means you are in love. The low the serotonin level also makes more vulnerable and anxious! So you easily get hurt even by small things.

And now, something very important![optinlocker]Falling in love with someone, and being in love with someone are two different things. Falling in love is more about sex and romance. It’s like a drug, which does not last forever. The level of chemicals in your body will get back to normal after some time. So then it’s a couple’s job to find ways to keep the fire of love alive. God created us to seek commitment and make a man and a woman love forever. That is why we have stages in love, falling in love and being in love are just staging of finding a true love. You still ask yourself if you are in love? If you are going through almost every sensation that’s been discussed here, you certainly are. But is it a true and ever-lasting love? Well, that’s an another story![/optinlocker]