Why He Does Not Love Me Anymore?

You just broke up with the boyfriend and want to know why he does not love you anymore. You want him back. Right? This is the one of the most popular questions my clients ask. So, why people stop loving each other and should you do the same?

People fall in and fall out of love. It’s very natural. So, do you want him back or you want to stop loving him completely? It’s all up to you!

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So, why do people stop loving each other?

As a dating coach, I know that the early stages of the relationship are the key moments identifying the path of the relationship.
Ask yourself, where is your relationship heading? Do you have major disagreements and differences. Are you ready to compromize? Can you accept his views and desires? Can he accept YOUR views and needs? No?
It’s an undeniable fact that good romantic relationships depend on the understanding each other. People stop loving each other, when they see that problem cannot be solved and they feel tired of solving problems.

Should I stop loving him or give it a try?

[subscribelocker]Love is blind. Sometimes you cannot understand whether it’s a true love or just an attraction. Every person desires a perfect partner, a true love. As a result, no one likes to admit that it was not love; nobody wants to stop loving a person. Not because it’s a true love, but just because it’s frustrating, demoralizing, and sad.

Holywood brought us the idea of a “perfect” love relationship without arguments and misunderstanding, where he and she are living happily ever after. However, these films neglect to demonstrate the dark side of this “perfect” relationship.

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At first, everything seems to be perfect in the relationship. Man and woman love and care for each other, they understand each other and feel unbelievable connection. You assume your partner to give you the moon, and the stars and love songs every day. But in the real life, it does not work same way as we all get tired and we all have our own sometime different opinion from our partners. Is it a good reason to stop loving a person if he gives you less romance than before? Of course not.

When relationship grows older, the behavour pattern also changes. The feeling get more mature, instead of giving you gifts every day, he may help you with homework; cook something for you or take care of the billls. It’s just a different form of care and level of relationship. 

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The most crucial is to realize whether your love has gone, or you are seeking for totally different things in the relationship, and you have totally different views about family, you have different desires and nobody wants to compromize. Just few couples can manage the problems and solve them. It takes decades to develop relationships but only few moments to destroy.

Self-centered couples break up easily, because neither of them is able to stop arguing or compromise. Self-esteem is a significant part in any partnership but it should not become egocentric; then, nothing keep the coulpe together.[/subscribelocker]

If he broke up with you and you are going through a horrible moment of you life, you need a support and a plan of actions to get him back – contact Victoria here.