Types of Love

Women in Hong Kong have a huge interest in what is love. It’s a first thing we discuss during our coaching session. You can love your mother, you can love your boyfriend, your cat, an apple pie. And all these types of love are different. We don’t love every man in the same way. Some men give us feeling of security, some give us romantic feelings, some make us feel strong and thats why we love them. But this is not the same old “love”. Love can be different. Throughout your lifetime, you’ll experience different types of love, and almost all the time, it will be one of these types.

Platonic love. Platonic love is based on an emotional connection with no sexual purposes. The kind of love you have for your family and best friends. Do you miss your mom or a friend who left Hong Kong years ago? This platonic love.

Limerence and crushes. We all had crushes on cute guys! Do you remember that handsome guy? This embarrassing feeling when he caught you look? You cannot say a word, you smile when you look at him, confusing jolts in the stomach? It’s a beautiful moment we normally experience in teenage.

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Limerenceis similar to a crush, but much more intense. It’s a feeling when you are out of your mind because of love, but you were too much afraid to express your love for him. You save his FB pictures on your laptop; you collect articles about him, you spy on him…well you become a stalker! But you won’t take the action, because you don’t want to spoil the happy thoughts about him. Teenage girls in China have such “love” feeling with Wang Lee Hom and other popular singers and actors.

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Unanswered love. Unanswered love is a heartbreaking feeling we all have experienced. It’s the terrifying love feeling, when you know that the object of your love will never love you back. They may just used you for sex or money, theymay have a girlfriend or are even married. You fall more in love , even though you understand this love won’t give you happiness. This love feels bad. But guess what happens later, you learn to appreciate the real value of reciprocal love.

Obsessive love. If you are addicted to your boyfriend, feel weak and depressed without him; you need to hear his voice every hour, then you are experiencing obsessive love. This type of love extremely destructive. Your boyfriend will leave you soon for sure. You ask why?

[optinlocker]Because you take the life out of him by disturbing him every second. Needy phone calls and messages will piss him off and he eventually leaves you. Beginners in love normally have this king of situation, especially after they experienced heartbreaking unanswered love. Obsessive addicts are worried, unconfident, and clearly fanatical about the love relationship. You may have experienced such thing or you had an obsessed boyfriend who brought you such troubles. But it’s a feeling every person has experienced when one is afraid to lose someone important. But if you have this security issues, there is a big chance you will break up in the end.[/optinlocker]

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Selfish love. Every woman in Hong Kong experienced a selfish lover. You may think the relationship is two people loving each other, what about love where two people love one person – YOU! You think it’s bad? Well, men don’t think so. Selfish love is when you care about your own happiness more than the happiness of the other person. Selfish lovers are smart and get what they want out of a relationship. Ever woman in Hong Kong dated someone like this. These people use you for sexual or money reasons. They make you fall in love and then leave if you disagree with their conditions. Do you want to win in this battle of the sexes? Just become more selfish! As simple as it is!

Sexual love. Have you ever dated someone so hot that you want right here and right now? You just want to kiss him, touch his body?… Yes, you are experiencing a sexual love! Sexual love is the kind of love you go through when you crave for someone or enter a relationship with a person you’re incredibly intimately interested in. The first couple of days you only think about sex with him and do it. It feels so good, it feels so right. You just want each other all the time. If a relationship has more sex than talks, you’re in sexual love, dear.

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Romantic love. Flowers, moonlight walks hand in hand, A sound of Spanish guitar is a romantic love. It’s the most beautiful type of love. You want to be with him all the time, you think about each other, exchanging sweet messages and love stickers on WeChat. You both are happy and feel like their world is yours.

Unconditional love. Not every person is able for this type of love. Are you? This is a love feeling when you love and care for your partner more than for yourself. Fairytales romantic books are all about this type of love. This is a type of love we want to be loved with but are not able to give the same in return. There are much more other types of love we experience every day. Sometimes we even have a mix of love types. Enjoy every moment of your love and try to get rid of harmful love types. It’s all in your hands, how to love and how to be loved.