4 Signs That Your Relationship Is Falling Apart

‘You should leave him!’ is a brutal suggestion to give, especially if the person going through a bad relationship does not want to accept the truth. When friends and relatives are hinting that your relationship won’t bring you any good and is taking you nowhere, you start hating them. They could be right, even so it’s difficult for you to take it.

Below are a few signs you must think of and check if you’re in a hopeless relationship.

You Are Not Happy. If you feel upset and unhappy all the time, it shows that your relationship is not going well. Let’s admit it, if you’re not happy, your partner is also not happy in the relationship.


Communication Issues. People have diverse communication styles, and if you don’t feel like talking to each other about own problems or interests, nothing can help this relationship. If you or him feel more comfortable or happy to talk to someone else, it means you lost a connection or you even never had it.

You Don’t Spend Time Together. Do you feel bored with each other? You or him prefer to find a company to be with to avoid being tet-a-tet? This a terrifying sign your relationship is falling apart.


 Annoyed By Smallest Imperfections. When people love each other, they don’t see each others imperfections. But if you or him feel annoyed by even a tiny thing related to each other, it means relationships are almost broken. It’s not easy to end the relationship that meant so much to you. But if you’ve tried everything and nothing changed, you feel hurt and the relationship is exhausting you, then it is obvious that you should end it as soon as possible. The break up hurt very much, but you cannot avoid it.

But believe me, the break up pain feels much better than the miserableness of fixing an unfixable relationship. So you decided to end up a hurtful relationship, but cannot find the strength? Read this simple, yet effective technique: How Do You Find The Strength To End The Relationship?

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