5 Questions To Ask After A Break Up

A split up is painful, but it can lead us to personal improvement and mental growth. Here are 5 questions that you have to ask yourself when you are facing a breakup.

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Do you find yourself too dominating? Women in Hong Kong find strength and power as a must-have quality which often is a “great” contributor to our failing relationship. Most of the times, we just love a person and want to give him the best; protect him from wrong choices and mistakes BUT being too loving, could also be considered as being too dominating. You take his freedom of choice, or don’t respect his opinion because “You know better”. Love is not just ultimate care and protections, it’s also ability to give your loved one freedom to choose, to act, to think. Every relationship needs a certain amount of personal space. If you stick to him 24 hours and observe his each and every step, this will become annoying and will lead to a separation.

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Is there anything or anyone outside od relationship causing the problem? [optinlocker]Many break up happen as a result of interference from a family, friends, bosses, mistresses and so on. And very often we discover it when it is too late. Unfortunately, Chinese parents often get involved in their childrens’ relationship disapproving their potential life partners. They are just struggling to let their adult children create their own relationships. They will continue complaining and disapproving the guys you like. If you are one of them, stop looking back to your family and develop your personal power, otherwise you will stay single forever.[/optinlocker]

Is there anything you cannot see? Everything has a reason. If you don’t know the reason, ask some external advice to get to the core of the problem. Choose the suitable person to give advice. If it’s still not clear, ask a few people . You need to be strong enough to take feedback without aggression. Remember, people are trying to help you out, not criticize you without a reason. Ss take a criticism gratefully. Your break up can turn into something totally different if you look at it from the different angle. It’s your opportunity to grow mentally and emotionally, making you a better life partner in the future.

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