How Break Up Can Improve Your Personality?

Breakdowns in relationships are usually hurtful. Here in Hong Kong, it’s really hard to get over a heartbreak and start a new life. However breakups can help you to understand yourself better and become a better person.

I would like to share with you five extremely important questions that we have to ask ourselves after a break up.

What was your partner complaining about? This is probably the most important signal of a breakup that you’ve missed. Normally life gives us enough alerts before breakup happens. What was your lover complaining about frequently? If you would change your behavior and mindset, would that have helped save the relationship? Did other people mention or complain about similar things? If yes, then you definitely should fix this before it influences your personal and career life even more.

Is there any weak point of your personality that may have led to the break up? This is something you need to focus on. If you improve weak points of your personality that you are aware of, then this is definitely the most effective solution to your love troubles. Nevertheless, if the progress demands some outside support and assistance, you can ask your friends and family to help. If you don’t have a trusted person (well, sometimes it’s hard to get a trusted person in Hong Kong), then you should hire a life or a relationship coach to encourage you. Examining relationship advice books or articles about your situation, will also help you to feel better soon. 

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