Love at First Sight – The Truth Revealed

Do you trust a love at first glance? Some people don’t believe it’s a real feeling, yet it’s overwhelming feeling we all have experienced.

Falling in love straight away, I recall the very first time I experienced my first “it’s for ever” love at first sight. I was 15 y.o. teenager, taking a piano class. A new teacher entered the class and I knew “It’s HIM”. A moment later, he turned towards me and asked my pen. It was overwhelming. My body heated up, and heands were shaking and I had a big stupid smile on my face as I felt happy.  It seemed we looked in each others eyes forever, or maybe just a second in fact. I could not look at him any longer as my face was turning red. Instantly, I realized I was hooked on this man. I simply needed to look back at him and stare at that beautiful blue eyes. This happened during the whole class, and with every passing second, I got attracted more and more.

What happened after?


Love at first sight was a good start. But falling in love instantly makes you lose your mind. I tried speaking with him after a class, but I was a too anxious. He left and we never met again. But that memory of love is still alive and I can picture it like it took place just this morning, despite the fact that that event happened about a decade ago.

Science Of Love

However I understand now that there must be much more to to love at first glance than you would think!  We all have created the picture of our ideal partner and we are seeking him subconsciously. When you enter a new place (bar, restaurant, book shop), you’ll end up noticing a few potential partners. And sometimes, they will also like you back. You get mutually attracted to each other.

The interesting fact is that men fall in love quicker than women. The visual attractiveness stimulates them to feel love at first glance. For women, it takes more time to fall in love.

More On Science Of Love

Are you aware that kissing is a very important test for love? Research indicates that every time you kiss, you exchange MHC genes with your partner. In case your genes reveal too many parallels, you may lose the sex appeal, claims Dr. Claus Wedekind at the University of Edinburg.

Your body scent plays another important role in the experience of love at first glance. Intuitively, all people are attracted to particular natural scents in human bodies. If you cannot stand his body scent, it can mean that genetically you are not compatible. If you do love each others body scent – nature matched you together.



Love after…

Don’t think whether it’s going to work out or not. If you felt an instant attraction to each other, there’s an excellent possibility that evolution has matched you together at least on a genetic basis. What happens next might or might not be ideal, but the experience of falling in love at first sight is beautiful and makes it easy to develop a true love later.

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  1. Hey Victoria,
    I have that feeling! 🙂 I love that amazing feeling.
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  2. True love… does it exist?

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