Legal Ways To Stop Divorce, Save Your Marriage and Assets

According to Psychology Today, over 2 million couples divorce every year, and a happy marriage is worth $115,000 a year. The standard cost of divorce is $20,000, so stopping divorce really can save not only your marriage, but also your lifetime assets and savings.

You cannot force your husband or wife to stop a divorce, however, you can convince your spouse not to take any further steps. All we need is to win some time to restore your relationship with your second half.

1. Mediation. Divorce mediation is a great substitute for a divorce. During the process of mediation, you can try to get him or her back.

2. Refuse the divorce. If you filed for divorce proceedings and your loved one has yet to file a response, it is possible to voluntarily dismiss the divorce. Check with your civil court clerk what you should do to dismiss the case.

3. Test the divorce grounds. In case your husband or wife filed for a fault divorce, you can dismiss the divorce process if your loved one fails to demonstrate that the fault grounds exist.

4. Seek advice from your attorney about the advantages and disadvantages of divorce; and what the dividing up of assets and debts will look like. If it might look shocking to your spouse, share this information with him or her. Your spouse will certainly reconsider going forward with the divorce. Yet threat is not the best option to prevent divorce.

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5. Consider legal separation, which means that you can continue to be married but your financial lives will no longer be tied up.

6. Postnuptial agreement is another great alternative, which will provide you with the terms and conditions of the marriage, which act as the foundation for negotiation should you face divorced.

Mediation, legal separation and/or post-nuptial agreement will allow you to feel less vulnerable as you can truly solve disagreements concerning assets and debts; most important – this valuable time can save your marriage. 

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  1. In private practice for over 32 years, I strongly recommend that people come to see me or someone who does this kind of work – before divorcing. I encourage people to make the decision from clarity and not emotionality. Then I provide a way for them to do that.

    One of the very first things I do is teach an amazing way to speak with each other which melts away any rancor they are feeling. It provides an opportunity for each of them to begin to “differentiate” – see themselves as two distinct individuals with different perceptions. From there, they develop some compassion and empathy and are able to open their hearts to another way of connecting and understanding each other’s world.

    I am passionate about using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to alleviate the pent up resentments that each carry from their unfulfilled expectations. Affairs, verbal abuse, anger, sexual issues are dealt with efficiently and effectively with this method and good therapy. I see my couples individually (so I know the whole picture) and together – always working to stabilize and re-grow their relationship.

    If they ultimately (my work is short term dynamic) decide they do not want to be together, they both will have made some peace with each other and have healed the anger and pain they had stored. Then they are both free to go into the world without carrying unresolved feelings which would lead to continuing unconscious patterns which will mar any other relationship they enter into in the future.

    If divorce is the answer, they can accomplish that with respect for themselves and what they once had.

    It is a blessing to be able to offer this before couples choose to end a once loving relationship. What they can have is far more fulfilling because they will now know how to nurture true intimacy through being authentic and loving with each other.

    Paula Susan

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