Top 5 Places To Meet Catholic Singles In Hong Kong

“Where can I find someone normal single Catholic man? Where are all the good and single Catholic girls?!” I have heard this question from countless single Catholics for many years. The bar scene is not an appropriate place to meet a believer for relationships. Most of you have already tried to meet singles in Church and no luck? You’re left to hope for meeting the One at work, school, among friends.

Here is the list of top place to meet Catholic singles you never thought of:

1. Christian Cruises

Catholics singles enjoy cruising. Just google ‘Chatholic Cruise’ or ‘Christian Cruise’ and you will find lots of offers for singles. For many Christian singles it’s a chance to meet tons of new people who feel like old friends from the first day of sailing. During the trip you will have spiritual talks, daily Mass, and fun events.

2. Concerts in the Church

Catholics are really lucky in terms of the concerts. A lot of classic music concerts, Organ music nights; choir concerts are conducted in Catholic Churches. They are more popular now than they have ever been before. Catholic Churches offer an opportunity for affordable entertainment and fellowship with other believers just like you! This is a good chance to meet someone special.

3. Meet Up

Meetup has many events for Christian singles that are organised by other singles like you. Most of the events are cheap or even free. Why don’t you start your own meetup group for Catholic singles?

4. Dating Sites For Catholics Only!

I am sure you have already tried and…and no luck? Try dating sites for Catholics only because you will meet only people who share same interests, beliefs and background like you. It’s just easier and faster to find the one. If you are an American Catholic you are lucky, because you can use , which has the biggest database of Catholic singles in the States. While they aren’t full proof, they can be a great option to meet new Catholic singles in your area. Give them a shot!

5. Internations

To be honest, Internations is NOT a dating site. It’s a social network for expat professionals from all over the world. Internations is especially good for singles in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and Europe where they can meet high-end professionals. Some of them are single, some of them are not. But lots of people use this site to meet serious singles, Catholic singles as well. Internations encourages people to meet in real life, so it’s not a typical social network.