My Affair With Married Chinese Woman – It’s Really Easy and Fun!

About Cheating With Married Chinese Woman

I’m a mid-thirties male from Australia, and love Chinese women. I had lots of Chinese girls and can’t even describe my affinity for Chinese women.  About 6 months ago I read an article about rich married Chinese ladies heading to the West to have an affair….with the white guy. Why not? This is something I always wanted to try!…

I am originally coming from France but have lived in Australia for the last 7 years. So I knew that my Frecnhness I will give me extra points in the eyes of those sexy Chinese ladies… They are just crazy about France.

So I started my search for rich married Chinese ladies – good fun and no drama. I found this Australian affair dating website ( I went through the registration process and here we go! Lots of beautiful and “hungry” Asian ladies in 30s, 40s and even 50s. Chinese women look young in any age. And when Chinese girls grow older, they become really wild in bed.

Almost immediately I found a Chinese lady in 40s who was willing to come to Australia to meet me. I’ve picked her up from the airport. I arrange a dinner in the restaurant, flours….this was my first time of cheating with a married woman. I was really surprised. but she literally raped in the car. Oh dear… I can’t believe women can do this. No talks, no flours, no restaurant, no champagne, just wild SEX.

We’ve spent 2 weeks in bed making love and … talking.

I was wandering why this beautiful Chinese woman cheats? Why don’t she leave her husband? She is so rich and affluent (she is a manager of a big international company). She told me that she is bound by typical Chinese bullshit culture – every woman must be married, no love required. Indeed there is no love there. I am a very athletic, muscular male; she likes that I can pick her up and carry straight into the bed whenever I want her. Her husband is a skinny feminine “boy”, who can barely pick her up. They have sex once a month if he is in the mood. I was really sorry for this gorgeous woman; and I really wanted to please her in any possible way.

In the end of our two weeks affair, we moved on from being lovers to being good friends. Now I work for her in Hong Kong. I’ve got a beautiful apartment, a luxurious car, a gorgeous Chinese girlfriends. Do I still sleep with my old Chinese lady?… I do:) But let it be our small secret.

Just want to thank to these amazing affair dating site for changing my life for good.

Andre D.