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Our love lives need support. There’s so much to interpret in the dating world and plenty of clashes to work through when it comes to engagement and marriage. Haven’t we all felt misunderstood by others at some point, or found it hard to even understand ourselves?

For a long time, she felt she had to find a man of similar background to her -- well-educated and ambitious in their career. She was ready to settle down and get married, but it just wasn’t happening. Then she read “The Surrendered Single”, and she started to examine her thinking. Why not go ‘outside the box’ when it comes to dating? What if she had been overlooking someone brilliant just because their path didn’t match hers? She realized that the relationship that would make her the happiest would never come if she tried to force her own goals on it. She let go of her old notions, tried some different strategies, and found the wonderful man that would become her husband. Her past relationships weren’t mistakes; they were a learning ground for the future.

Seeking support for your love life is the first step to a healthy, intimate relationship. No man or woman is an island, and problems with intimacy and emotional connection cannot be solved alone. What you may see as an impossible hurdle in your love life, Katherine will show you it is just an adversity to overcome. With your willingness to make a change and Katherine’s positive, compassionate mental attitude and organized, results-oriented approach, you will soon see yourself thriving in the relationship you’ve always wanted. 

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