6 Great Reads For Divorced Women To Start A New Life

These 6 empowering books will help you change how you experience divorceovercome the difficulty of divorce, and avoid common mistakes:

Divorce: Overcome the Overwhelm and Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes – Insights from Personal Divorce Coaches

Divorce. It’s a word that certainly didn’t enter your mind on the day you said, “I do.” Never in a million years did you think you’d be facing divorce—but here you are. It’s now a very real part of your life. Now is not the time to go it alone. This divorce workbook will help you change how you experience divorce. The overwhelming nature of divorce leads to six common, yet entirely avoidable, mistakes. These mistakes are far from inconsequential: They can lead to major legal, financial, and emotional mishaps with long-term effects. The authors present a solid approach—one they have been using successfully for ten years—to help you take charge of your divorce. Read this book, do the exercises and you will …

  • avoid the six biggest mistakes people make in divorce.
  • better understand the role of divorce attorneys /divorce lawyers
  • learn ways to become more empowered in your decision making.
  • discover tools to face your divorce with courage and dignity.
  • understand when to seek outside support.
  • move from feeling overwhelmed to feeling confident and in control.

Allow this book to be your companion—your divorce guide— to prompt your inner wisdom to emerge

Divorce: Divorce Recovery: How to overcome personal crisis and start a new life after divorce or separation. (divorce, divorce books, divorce poison, divorce … divorces)

You’re about to discover How to overcome personal crisis and start a new life after divorce or separation.
Everybody’s divorce story is different. Maybe the divorce was your idea and maybe it was your partner’s, or maybe you both agreed that separation was best. Maybe you had been married for years or just mere months. Maybe you have children, maybe you don’t. But, however you got here, the question now is; where do you go from here? And how do you figure out who you are and what you want as a recently single person?
It’s done! You have signed the divorce papers, and the relationship you went into with so much expectation has formally dissipated. It is now time to reinvent yourself and rediscover who you used to be. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to cope with, overcome personal crisis and start a new life after divorce or separation. It will help you to think of divorce as an end and a beginning – an end to a marriage but a beginning to a new life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Healing after Divorce or Separation
  • Eight-Step Guide to Recovery
  • Dealing with Depression
  • Starting Over
  • Much, much more!

Dating After Divorce: Discover Your Confidence And Overcome Your Dating Anxiety With The Simple Steps To Dating After Divorce (Dating Guide, Dating Advice)

Why should you buy this book? Because you will discover the proven steps and strategies of overcoming the realities of dating after a divorce. It’s been years since you have been out there. So many things have changed in the dating world. You must overcome your anxiety about dating and this book will walk you through the steps. Many divorced people are left feeling alone and with low self esteem after their divorce. The thought of dating again was the furthest thing from their mind when you were married. Now things have changed. Confronting the notion of having to get back out in the dating pool in order to find companionship can be daunting.
The truth is you will never move forward without a huge amount of anxiety and the possibilities of rejection unless you become informed about what to expect in the dating world. This book will help you identify when you are ready and how to transform yourself from a self conscious divorcee’ to taking control of your emotions and fear and finding a new partner. This book will guide you through the step-by-step strategy designed to free you from your post divorce loneliness.

Divorce Recovery: Proven Strategies for Divorce Recovery and Dealing with Divorce: The Fastest Way To Deal With Divorce And Set Up A Bright Future!

I want to congratulate you. The fact that you are reading this book description tells me, that you are no longer willing to accept the pain in your life. It’s very likely that this specific pain is related to you thinking about divorce or are already going through divorce. I have been in this place, too. And let me tell you the good news: It doesn’t have to be as painful, difficult and hard to overcome as you may think right now!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to show you how to get over divorce and start your life brand new from scratch. The divorce recovery guide is the first step to make instant progress. Step by step you then will consistently progress towards your new found energy, passion and ultimately a new life!
Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • The Emotional Stages of Divorce
    • Advantages of Divorce
    • Steps in Healing after Divorce caused by Infidelity
    • Dealing with Finances after Divorce
    • Loving Yourself after the Separation
    • BONUS: Dating after Divorce
    • Much, much more!


Getting Past Your Breakup: How to Turn a Devastating Loss into the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You

It’s over–and it really hurts. But as unbelievable as it may seem when you are in the throes of heartache, you can move past your breakup. Forget about trying to win your ex back. Forget about losing yourself and trying to make this person love you. Forget it! Starting today, this breakup is the best time to change your life for the better, inside and out.

Getting Past Your Breakup is a proven roadmap for overcoming the painful end of any romantic relationship, even divorce. Through her workshops and popular blog, Susan Elliott has helped thousands of clients and readers transform their love lives. Now, she’ll help you put your energy back where it belongs–on you. Her plan includes:

  • The rules of disengagement: how and why to go “no contact” with your ex
  • How to work through grief, move past fear, and take back your life
  • The secret to breaking the pattern of failed relationships
  • What to do when you can’t stop thinking about your ex, texting, calling, checking social networking sites, or driving by the house

Complete with inspiring stories from real people and strategies to jump-start the moving-on process, Getting Past Your Breakup is the most effective plan for getting permanently past a breakup, getting your confidence back, and opening yourself to true love.

Your Ex-Factor: Overcome Heartbreak and Build a Better Life

Over two-thirds of American families are “blended,” which means they are made up of remarried adults and often stepchildren. Although it’s good news that many divorced people remarry, the bad news is that too many of them carry the animosities and negative behavior patterns of their former heartbreaks into their new situation.

In this supportive and uplifting book that is aimed at both men and women, Dr. Stephan B. Poulter—acclaimed author of The Father Factor and The Mother Factor—tackles this pervasive problem with great sensitivity and understanding. Dividing the work into three parts, Dr. Poulter takes the reader step by step from the anguish of divorce to the security of a stronger and more fulfilling future attachment.

In part one, he explains how breakups happen and explores the challenges of dealing with the emotional wreckage, from guilt and anger to feelings of rejection and despair. Part two describes five relationship styles and helps readers develop insight into their own styles so that present and future relationships can grow in a healthy and refreshed atmosphere. In part three he shows ways to go beyond blame, tension, and other “ex-factors” and objectively assess inner needs. As Dr. Poulter shows, the key to forming lasting bonds with another is discovering exactly what one needs to feel loved.

Your Ex-Factor will be a welcome resource to anyone trying to move forward beyond the pain of emotional loss and rediscover the joys of loving again regardless of prior history, circumstances, “old baggage,” or fears. This invaluable guide will open your eyes to promote healthy and truly fulfilling relationships now and into the future.

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