Chinese Girls Dating In Hong Kong Done Right

Hong Kong girls – smart, sexy, determined and very traditional. Many foreign men find these unique combination irresistible, yet many of them fail in dating Chinese women.

iDateAdvice, a leading dating advice site, suggests that many Western men simply don’t know how to date Chinese women. Chinese women are poised, beautiful, respectful and take great pride in their culture and that strong sense of culture plays a role in their love lives. So if your want you first date with Chinese girl to be pleasurable and fun, you must learn Chinese courtesy traditions.

According to Asian women dating advice article, physical attraction is not so important for Chinese girls. Chinese women are not looking for handsome men but for dominant men, who have goals in life and can take the lead. Chinese women find hard-working men very attractive. You do not have to earn millions but you do need to show that you work hard and can provide for the family.

Impressing Chinese girls on a first date can be a challenge as Chinese girls are very conservative. iDateAdvice suggests that you should be a gentleman and at least pay for the taxi rides and a dinner. Chinese don’t eat late, so you should invite her for early dinner and fill in after-dinner time with fun activities like video-games playing, dancing, or any other childish activity. Why childish? This is another Chinese tradition you can learn more about here.

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