Dualda – Find A Match By Just Playing The Game!

People who are sitting at their homes wondering if their lives are complete are in a constant state to find something. They actually need two things in life that will make them get up on their toes. Who doesn’t love games especially the one that can be played on any device at any time. These games let everyone earn credits and seek out the long lost soul people have been trying to reach out to. It is a creative app that combines the gaming abilities with online dating. Dualda makes sure everybody gets these two facilities under one app. The links created through this app are very vast and allows others to connect through an easy platform. It is not always going to be strangers interacting but they can be friends that would love to spend their spare time rejoicing with the same interests.

Dualda is an app that will never bore you because it will give you something to use in the spare time. The best part about Dualda is that it is free. There is no fee or hidden charges that might trap the user later on. Other online dating sites confine people to fill in forms, provide all the unnecessary details and set up long profiles that may take hours. Then they want the users to pay a particular fee which is very high. Dualda ensures free entertainment that will let its users have fun at any time. To match one’s earned credit to the other person, the player can get 10 credits per try and these credits can be increased if the other player has chosen the same combination.

Dualda’s app can be downloaded from both the android play store and iOS app store. This app is something that tells its clients what is suitable for them. It is often read around that ‘Love is just around the corner’, well it actually is but for those using Dualda. There is a wide option of pictures to pick from and then meet the selected one. There is no need to write long profiles describing yourself all you are required to upload is a profile picture. Dualda is also known as ‘single meets single’ app and its rating has been rising ever since people realized the hidden potential it had. The Dualda community will work in finding the best possible match for you.

The app will provide you with a username and password. After you make an account they will send you all the details on the referred email. If 20 players choose you then you open up the chance of sending messages to one another. The Dualda platform is very safe and users don’t have to worry about security of their data. Neither is the personal data spread externally nor internally. You can delete the account by unregistering but Dualda is an app which will allure its players in to playing and interacting. The player can get up to 200,000 credits which will help them continue to find their match for a long time.